Biography of Richard Taha

Richard Taha is a photographer and an historian.  Richard started taking pictures at a very early age despite his parentís objections.  They did not see any worthwhile future in this wonderful art form.  Richard used a shoebox, a lens, a household light bulb and a mirror to project his first photos on a wall of his bedroom. He also used the same equipment with some modification to play strips of discarded motion pictures films.


Richard is considered by many to be a nostalgic photographer because he has that innate ability to sense longing for times gone by.  He seems to be able to feel the presence of ancient life and architecture.  He believes that the soul is an energy form that will never die.  It is always present and can be sensed in ancient buildings, ruins, old towns and farmhouses.  Have you ever felt a strange foreboding in a medieval forest? Look closely at his photos and maybe you can feel the presence of past lives.  Nostalgia is defined as a wistful yearning for return to some past period.  That is why Richard is so desperately trying to capture those images that evoke our history and antiquity.


In his quest for his art, Richard has landed on top of Glaciers as well as managed to sneak into hidden Royal Gardens .  This is Richardís theory: to take art photos you must love with your camera.  Many photographers are technicians. They worry about the f-stops and exposures.  They are worried if a photo is too grainy or maybe too soft. Anybody can learn and memorize the techniques. It is like painting by numbers. The ensuing photo maybe theoretically perfect but it does not carry any feelings or emotions.   That is not art, it is just pure technology.


That is not to say that Richard is not interested in modern photography.  Richard adapted to the new digital medium very quickly and now does a major part of his work digitally.  Richard does a lot of travel work photography. His spontaneous photos of people caught unawares are also extremely interesting.


Richard is an exhibited and collected artist.  An advantage of historical photography is that it will never age. It is like owning a piece of antique which will age with time.  Richard was most recently showcased and exhibited at the prestigious Keeble and Shucat gallery in Palo Alto in Northern California .


Richard is available for commissions and special assignment.  

Richard can be reached at  

          Phone: 800 776-4382 

          Fax:     650 591-6107

Address: Richard Taha Photography

               PO Box 1463

               San Carlos, CA 94070 USA







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