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English Rose Garden.jpg (162797 bytes)    

The Rose Archway.  This is part of a vast garden in Warwickshire in the English Midlands.   It is not free. I do not remember how much we had to pay to get in. It was well worth it. This archway seems to go on to infinity. The afternoon sun was shining, the ground was covered with rose petals and there was this intoxicating smell of fresh roses in the air







 June in London.jpg (112130 bytes)


June in London. Wonderful roses. Lined up like perfect soldiers.



luscious garden.jpg (138392 bytes)  Luscious Garden. This photo makes one feel giddily with feeling of pleasure. Such beautiful colors. They last a few weeks but the photo will last forever.   



The Hidden Palace Gardens.jpg (135699 bytes)

Hidden Garden of Kensington Palace or Sunken Garden of Delight. Where Princess Diana probably used to walk.  Notice how immaculately the garden in maintained, at taxpayers expense of course. Contrast that with the desolate glaciers of Alaska.



Upside Down Trees.jpg (150583 bytes)

The Upside Down Trees.  We have all heard about the hanging gardens of Babylon.  Well this is the hanging garden of Alaska.  These are actually trees that have been turned upside down.  Apparently, the climate is so damp that the trees do not die




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