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Mirror Image.jpg (111075 bytes)


   Mirror image. The bay was so still that every detail of the gigantic glacier above was reflected.




Encroaching Glacier.jpg (122495 bytes)


Encroaching Glacier. The nearest building to this glacier is less than half a mile away. Some people love to live dangerously.



River of Ice.jpg (131473 bytes)  
River of Ice.  That is what a Glacier is after all except that it is slow moving and much much more powerful than any river in the world.  When you are standing before it, you know that nothing, absolutely nothing can stop it from moving forward.




Top of the World.jpg (1629325 bytes)


Top of the world. I landed on top of this glacier to take some photos and walk around. It is so magnificent, imposing like the pyramids of Egypt. Except it is treacherous, you could easily slip into certain death. 



Couln't get any closer.jpg (78096 bytes)  
River of Ice Meets the Ocean.  This is the closest I could get to the base of this giant glacier in Alaska.  This is an active glacier which as I was watching it from below was moving forward.  In fact, every now and then a huge chunk of snow and ice would separate and crash into the warmer waters of the ocean.  This action is known as calving




River of Ice copy.jpg (124345 bytes)

Ice River.  What can I say! Just look at the photo. Feels like a picture of impending doom. Imagine being in the path of that deadly flow Stuff that nightmares are made of!




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