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The Preist's House.jpg (164480 bytes)   

The Priest House.  This ancient cottage is part of an even more ancient church in England.  It has such charm that it is probably my favorite photos or is it again nostalgia and a hint of past lives






 The Manse House.jpg (160581 bytes) 
Manse House.  Another parish related cottage. Notice that the word mansion comes from manse.  It is so nice that these architectural gems of bygone eras were not demolished and replaced with modern monstrosities.




 Once there was a door.jpg (136623 bytes) 

Once, there was a Door.  God knows how old this building is or why the door was blocked. I wondered about the people who hundreds of years ago went through this door to pray or to pay their respects to the lord of the mansion.




Revised Bench.jpg (125361 bytes)

The Bench.  This is one of those English eccentricities.   This bench is in a private mews in London.  It is well maintained and fresh flowers are placed around it regularly, but nobody ever sits on it.  It is very pretty though




Revised Bridge.jpg (124749 bytes)  

The Tower Bridge. It is rumored that folks in Arizona bought the London Bridge and shipped it to Lake Havasu, thinking that it was this magnificent structure.




Infinity.jpg (110263 bytes)

Infinity.  No trick photography here.  This is a gated community in Chelsea, London.  One day, someone left the gates open so I sneaked in to get this photo.  I guess the architect had some fun to prove that two parallel lines will meet at infinity



San Francisco by the Bay.jpg (123349 bytes)

Baghdad by the Bay.  This is a quintessential San Francisco as it used to be back in the forties and fifties. Nostalgic and yet not so old. What is amazing is that there is not a sign of graffiti on this building.




The Wilton Arms.jpg (105812 bytes)




The Wilton Arms. This nice English pub's on a quiet street in the very heart of London. Two streets away, there is almost a constant traffic jam. Here serenity rules. 






The Iron Gate copy.jpg (148901 bytes)


The iron gate. Someone commented that this photo brings the gate alive. It would be wonderful in your bedroom or your sitting room.



Bell Cottage.jpg (146242 bytes)


The Bell Cottage.  One would not believe that in the heart of London there is an oasis of tranquility with many narrow mewses.  The Bell Cottage is a brick and mortar building dating back to pre-Victorian times. Again, I found an element of nostalgia about the cottage.  It is as if I had been there before.




Fertility Symbol At Stonehenge.jpg (143258 bytes)


The Fertility Symbol of Stonehenge.  The original symbol is long gone, probably destroyed by the early Christians hundreds of years ago. This Canadian architect/archeologist has made a scale replica of how Stonehenge looked like.  The scale model replica is open to the public somewhere in Canada.




The real Ancient Archway.jpg (143944 bytes)


Ancient Archway.  This archway between two old buildings probably dates back to the 13th century.  It has such a nostalgic
look about it.





  The Sicilian Undertaker at a wedding.jpg (120108 bytes)


The Sicilian Undertaker at a Wedding. The undertaker was invited to a wedding for good luck.  It is like “break a leg” which is supposed to bring good luck in show business. He has tried to wear his best fineries, which are rather tatty. However, he could not part from his hat, which gives away his profession






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